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As we progress in life so do our requirements. Upsizing or downsizing a home may only be the great options available to you. Sometimes it is plain sale if things run in to bad weather. Whatever the circumstances it is important that you meet your life's goal.

So how do you go about selling your home?

Most of the time home owners are under the impression that they know the market value of their home. While it may be true to some extent, but the judgement may  be faulty and result in substantial loss of equity in the home.

  • The first and foremost step is to select a professional representative. Check out the credentials and service reviews from others. Ask as many questions as you can from the professional before you hire him. A right selection is going to go a long way to a peaceful transition. Make sure you understand the listing agreement document clearly.
  • You need a careful CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home. This requires careful analysis of sold, expired, and competing properties in your neighborhood and market place. CMA is a tedious process and takes in to consideration so many factors such as location, upgrades, neighborhood, square footage, time of sale, and motivation of the seller. An objective analysis enables you to position your home for maximum dollar value and for minimum time on market. A professional representative's job is to lay honest facts before you and let you make an informed decision. See the sample report here.
  • Depending on the presentability of the house, your representative may direct you to other professionals such as, handymen, renovators, roofers, or home staging artists. The purpose of such consultations is to fix the grey areas and enhance the presentability of the home or say, to add a wow factor.
  • The professional you hire should have a clear marketing plan with timelines. That speaks of his/her confidence level in selling the home. Be aware of the listing period. A listing of 6 months in a hot market should ring a bell about the competitiveness of the professional. See the standard listing agreement (Ontario)
  • Another most important factor is the negotiation skill of your representative. A negotiation doesn't mean fighting with the other agent on offer table. It actually means staying firm on your best price while keeping polite and cooperative attitude. A seasoned and trained negotiator doesn't loose himself and keeps all on track and toward your goal.

Watch the RE/MAX video above, 'Are you FIT to Sell?'

The art of selling your home.